Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Week in Photos, thanks to the phone ...

For those of you who are just curious what we're up to, here are some snapshots from everyday life during the past week.

Here is Abby giving Boz the Bear some of Stephen's smoothie.

And here is Stephen separating the dough to make rolls. He's always grateful for a little bite when he's helping in the kitchen.

Here is Abby perched in her favorite kitchen cupboard. She sometimes sits there and waits for us to come find her.

The two of us, just an hour after our 10K on Sunday.

The photo I took of myself after the race on Saturday. What I didn't know at the time was that Ryan was still running ... he finished behind me even though his time was 7 minutes faster than mine. This was due to a miscommunication at the starting line. He started 18 minutes after the race actually started; mom and I began about 7 minutes into it. For more race photos, you can search for our results and then click on the camera icon.

Here is mom standing on the bridge that marked the beginning of the race.

We wouldn't have gotten anywhere with this one in the drivers' seat.

Fun at the kids' event on base last Saturday.

Stephen likes to create these photos ... he gets to choose a border and a special character. If you want, we can make one for you!!

Abby now has a puh-pul sand pail and she also loves Big Bird. Thus, the photo.

Just wanted to include this because this ensemble was her choice. She put the hat on herself and chose the mismatched socks and asked me to put them on her. She also has a fetish with having sippy cups always at her disposal.

At the Witte Museum's free evening last week. The kids enjoyed walking around, but they didn't quite understand the exhibits yet.

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