Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abby Tries More Food

As Abby is approaching one year of age, I have begun introducing to her some of the staple foods that most of us enjoy on a daily basis. Because of the history of allergies in my family, I have been extra cautious and waited longer than most doctors recommend waiting to introduce the big three: wheat, dairy, and eggs. Of course there are other "big ones," such as peanuts and fish, but in my family WD&E were the culprits.

Saturday we started out with wheat. I made some whole wheat crackers that were very bland but also very simple. She has eaten some every day since then.

Today I delved into dairy. I probably will still wait quite awhile before doing straight milk, as that is not tolerated as well as cheese and yogurt. Besides, she still nurses a lot. So for lunch I mixed up some berries with some plain yogurt. (That's what this video shows.)

I think Saturday will be the egg day, since we have friends visiting and I'll be making a casserole for them.

And while she isn't having any major reactions such as ezcema or hives, I must say I find the wheat to be somewhat suspect. Her nose has been running and I don't think she's sick at all. I'll give it a couple days before I decide to eliminate it again. I hope for her sake that she doesn't have to be on a special diet. But then again, there are worse things, and it would probably help her to eat healthier.


Mare said...

Have you consider giving your kids raw milk? What about waiting to give wheat till after a year? Only when wheat gluten is properly fermented is it healthy for human consumption. When not it is potentially one of the most highly allergenic foods we eat. It is similar to the controversy with soy which also can only be considered a health food if it is fermented long enough. Correctly fermented wheat contains 18 amino acids (proteins), complex carbohydrate (a super efficient source of energy), B vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium, and maltase.

There's so much more I can share with you, but I'll wait and see if you are interested :o)

Here's what I followed with Naomi with good success. I fed her yolks, banana and advocado (plus breastmilk and raw goats milk) from 7 months to 10 months then I started feeding her other things.


I know every baby is different. I've chosen to wait a year before starting Tabi on solids. I've heard, read and seen good things about that. Including less allergies. Naomi has no allergies (praise the Lord). For a while she had a small intolerant of corn. Now she's fine. I just want to try a different route with Tabi.

Ryan said...

she's going to be 1 in 8 days ... i figured it was close enough

i didn't do the birthday cake thing with stephen and i really want to with abby, so rather than give the foods to her all at once i've been spacing it out a few days at a time

i found the recipe for the crackers i gave her at the nourishing gourmet's website. even stephen loves them!

i do know about the raw milk benefits but it's not practical for us right now financially. we don't drink much milk anyway.

there is some emerging research in the celiac disease field that says that it is actually BETTER to introduce gluten-containing products before 6 months. i didn't follow that, but my friend who is a celiac did, hoping to keep her daughter on a path away from the disease