Friday, December 05, 2008

Picking Up the Tab

Here is Stephen picking up the tab at lunch today. He was eager to do so as soon as the little black book came with the bill. And he was financially capable of doing so because the price was FREE! We got a $10 gift certificate from Lone Star in the mail last week and I figured he and I could eat lunch when we were in that area. He had chicken strips off the kids' menu and I ordered a cup of chili. With the peanuts and bread they bring, we both ate plenty! I did leave the server a good tip, though.

Ryan's semester is drawing to a close. It'll still be another week or so until he's done, but the biggest project was due today, and is spilling a little bit into today. And a master class tomorrow has had him practicing quite a bit.

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Laura said...

I love this picture!Such a little man.