Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Probably the most significant "first" that happened today was Abby crawling. Now, don't get any pictures in your mind of her getting up on all fours and making a run for the border. She generally goes backwards instead of forward, and usually she gets so frustrated that she isn't going anywhere that she just rolls onto her back and cries for me to come and get her. But she is doing a very earnest army crawl, and I'll be curious to see how many days I have before she's zooming across the room. We figured she'd crawl sooner than her not-in-any-hurry brother, who crawled at 11 months!

Stephen's firsts include pretending to feed Abby's baby doll. I saw him doing it and it was all I could do to not laugh out loud. I asked him what he was doing and he just said, "milk!" I told him that he was being very nice to Abby's baby. My mom said it's good: he's thinking of someone else's needs. (I happen to think he's also imitating mommy.) Another bit of unusual behavior from him was that he asked to go to bed tonight. He put his head on a pile of laundry in the living room, about half an hour before I was going to put him to bed. He said, "sleepy." Sure enough, he went right to sleep when I put him down.


Laura said...

Lisa all of this seems like so long ago...I wonder if your life will get a bit crazier with two on the move. Enjoy it all.

Mom said...

And who was Stephen imitating when he said he was "sleepy?" Mom, Dad or both?

Lisa said...

laura, i know it seems far away for you, but this is right where you were when you moved from des moines (the day we started dating!!) ... so in my mind sometimes you are forever frozen in toddler/crawling phases

and mom, in a moment of sheer fatigue, i thought about changing our blog name to "four sleepy people" but didn't :)