Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dinner at the Farm

Our friends Eric and Bethany invited us to go to a dinner with them at Triple S Farms, which is about an hour south of here. So we piled in their car (grandma, too) and headed for farm country. We had a blast looking at the animals. Here you can see chickens, which weren't really afraid of the people visiting them. There were also cows, turkeys, dogs, kittens, and ducks. The food was awesome - and Susan even got to eat the chicken since it hadn't aged like most meat we get at the grocery store.

It was so nice to have Susan here. She and Stephen played and played and played ... at the park, so I could go to an open house (gasp!) by myself ... at the mall this morning, so I could get some work done ... and also just here at the house with Stephen's toys. He cried when she left!

I'm wrapping up work for the night, planning a menu for the week, and waiting for Ryan to get home with the jalepeno poppers I want from Arby's.

On the schedule for the week: testing at the Language Aquisition Lab on campus (if they have food, he'll say "more more more more"); another fun-filled day with grandparents on Tuesday; a birthday part for a slightly younger friend ... and a possible trip to Chicago on Sunday for Ryan to go sailing with my parents.

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