Friday, June 22, 2007

Got Cello?

I performed tonight with 10 other cellists for a benefit concert in Urbana. I think there will be pictures at some point ... I can share them here when I get them. The music was a lot of fun to play ... except Pachelbel's Canon. (See link on the right for why cellists loathe this particular work.) We performed under Maestro Diazmunoz, who I think is about the best conductor I have ever worked with. He really knew what sound he wanted to get from the ensemble, and was kind to all the performers in getting what he wanted to hear. There was quite a range of abilities represented in the group. We performed the Bachianas Brasilieros with a soprano who is a grad student at the University (and also happens to know my aunt's parents in Oregon).

Yesterday Stephen participated in the Infant Cognition Lab's testing at the University. He watched a little puppet show and they analyzed his responses to certain events. The girls working in the lab did a great job communicating with him. After that we went to the Forbes' because I wanted Stephen to watch another kid eat. Stephen is still having trouble with anything that is chunky, even if it is soft. Will is a food pro (he eats a lot of fruit and cheese). I have no idea if it made any difference--just thought it was worth giving it a shot.

The highlight of today was the visit we had from grandma and grandpa. Since Ryan also had a gig tonight (at a theatre in Sullivan, IL) we needed someone else to hang out with Stephen. From what I hear he did just great! It helps that they really like to take him for walks. We had a nice dinner of lasagne and italian bread.

We had an appointment for Stephen this week and he was weighed at 28 pounds and measured 32.5 inches. So he hasn't gained a pound since 9 months, but he has picked up 2.5 inches.

The woman I'm mentoring at the pregnancy center hasn't had her baby yet (that I know of!) but she's due in less than a week.

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