Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Souvenir

Yes, he's been to San Diego before. I can't believe he can already wear this shirt ...

I've been doing some work for Perfection Learning again, so that has really been keeping me busy whenever I can snatch some time during a nap or before I go to bed at night.

I went to a dessert event that a friend invited me to this evening. I took Stephen and he was SO GOOD!!!! As far as food I could eat there ... pineapples and strawberries. Oh, to eat chocolate and dairy again :).

Ryan is putting him to sleep right now. We've found that singing to him really helps him calm down. Yet there are times we'd like to have a conversation. So we sing things to each other such as, "Do you have a rehearsal tomorrow?" and then the reply is also sung. I know this trick won't work forever, but Stephen won't need to be sung to sleep forever either ...

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