Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stephen's Shower

Oops ... look what happened when I let Ryan loose with Stephen's shower gifts!

We had a busy day yesterday. Stephen and I set out in the heat for a trip to the farmers' market, where we bought daddy's birthday presents.

Then we went to our neighbor's wedding. It was a joyous occasion; the pastor read an excerpt from something Scott wrote in 1985 in which he knew he needed to trust God to bring him a spouse in His timing. And it's 2006! Scott and Ellen were obviously so happy with each other. I saw them this morning in the driveway as they were heading out for a honeymoon in Hawaii.

Stephen's shower was really fun. Many people who had not met him yet were there and he received some great gifts. (See photo of Ryan above - a cow puppet and a knitted hat.) There seems to be a consensus that he will be a baseball player. We'll see ...

Then we went out for dinner to celebrate Ryan's birthday. Cousins Anna and Claire continue to be very curious about Stephen. I'm sure it will be fun for them to see him grow up.

And now Stephen and I are going to go in to wake up daddy on his 26th birthday :).

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